Wednesday, 3 September 2008

What is the plan?

I need to get to grips with Knowledge Management (KM).

While KM is hardly a new buzz term it seems to be one that is now impacting in the NHS. If nothing else it is cropping up frequently at meetings I attend (not just those populated by librarians). I have the K word in my job title and KM in my job description. I also need to prepare a strategy for my service and feel that KM should potentially be part if not at the heart of it.

I have a basic idea about KM concepts (tacit and explicit knowledge and so on) and have read a few texts - for example - Nonaka & Takeuchi "The Knowledge Creating Company" (available via WHP if you feel like having your mind blown).

I plan to use this blog to reflect on my reading (hopefully with colleagues) and see what might be brought into practice.

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