Wednesday, 3 September 2008

First Set Text - Learning to Fly

The text I want to consider first is the book Learning to Fly: Practical Knowledge Management from Leading and Learning Organizations by Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell.

It has a good reputation, is by a UK author and was recommended by my director. As of this post there are copies held at three other LHL services (NWP, KI and WHP) all be it not all of them being the 2004 revised edition I am using. Using "What's in London's Libraries" there are a few copies available for loan via the Public Library route. Failing that it is in print and available from £13.99 new ( or less for a used copy.

There are some 14 chapters and a number of appendices. For the purposes of this exercise it is my intention to read and reflect on a couple of chapters a week.

To give anyone who fancies joining in a chance to get hold of a copy / allow me to clear a few things first I plan to start in October (to be more precise week beginning 6th October).

Please note if anyone wants to read Learning to Fly by Victoria Beckham instead please feel free to update me with any key conclusions for health librarians.


annemarsh said...

Hi Alan
Yes I'm up for reading this book and discussing it.
I've bought a copy for my library which is Breast Cancer Care library (voluntary sector. I too am having trouble getting started so this is just the push I need!
Look forward to taking part in the resulting discussions about KM. Different people within my organisation keep referring to this but we seem light years away from actually implementing anything. Also very mixed understanding of what it is everywhere. I'd like to clarify what I think in order to be as informed as possible when/if it becomes a real issue for us.
One initial point - I looked up the words 'library' and I think 'intranet' in the index of the book we are about to discuss. They didn't seem to appear or be mentioned in the book at all which I thought was interesting!
Anne Marsh
Library and Resources Manager
Breast Cancer Care

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

Cheers and welcome.

Intranets is in the index of LtF(though only referring to a couple of pages). I get the impression that technology as solution is some what discredited as far as KM is concerned.

Might be a tad hopeful to expect to find libraries - though I expect there are KM for libraries / librarians titles out there.

Something for another time...