Tuesday, 21 October 2008

LtF Chapter 5 - Getting started - just do it!

Back from leave and taking the plunge straight into Chapter 5 which looks nice and short.

First suggestion - start where the business is. I have this very much in mind as I am speaking at the launch of the Alignment Toolkit tomorrow afternoon. This is an initiative aimed at demonstrating how knowledge services align with, and impact on, NHS priorities. I am looking forward to hearing about examples of being 'where the business is' and am sure there will be some great ideas to follow up.

First reflection point - What do you need to learn? I am struggling to know where to start with this. I can think of many things I could do with learning. Off the top of my head - why do some people use our services a lot and others in similar roles not at all? I have to run a workshop for my Directorate on organisational learning early next year and this would certainly make a good question for debate.

Slightly frustrating to find the book again looking ahead a few chapters discussing a tool we are yet to learn much about (After Action Reviews).

Next reflection point - what is the best environment in your organisation for Knowledge Sharing? I am fairly sure that technology is not going to be the solution on this one. We have a number of technological means of knowledge sharing already in place and these definitely don't reach all parts. The idea of a physical, visual presence is appealing. It would definitely have to be addressed through teams. A case by case approach would be required. The book suggests Knowledge Managers need to be communicators and I would heartily agree with that.

This ends the first section of the book and we move into tools and techniques with Chapter 6.

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