Tuesday, 7 October 2008

LtF - Chapter 1 Setting the context

A nice short and summary packed chapter to kick off.

The chapter opens by discussing how we go about building knowledge in everyday life and highlights starting with simple questions.

The first exercise is to consider the process around your last car purchase. Hard for me to comment as I have never bought one - I know not a whole lot about them and care little. But the answer to the underlying question - how much effort do you put into getting a big purchase right versus making a decision at work - is more straightforward. I tend to put quiet a lot of effort into researching my options before making decisions. I suspect this is a fairly common trait amongst librarians - we like to look around an issue before taking the plunge.

The rest of the chapter is a summary of what lies ahead. I am not going to rehash it here!

The chapter closes with another exercise - three questions that occur to me.

1. How are they going to define knowledge?

2. How many of the practical ideas are going to be heavily IT based?

3. Why can't school children just sit quietly on the bus?

I suspect that only one of these will be answered in the next chapter...

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